The Arc Stevens County holds two fund-raising events each year – a Spring Rose sale and a Fall Noon Luncheon / Bake Sale. Local community members and groups participate with crafts and bake sale items.

Regional Fitness Center memberships (University of Minnesota – Morris) and summer camp scholarships for The Arc Stevens County members are funded by these events.

Other events include a spring picnic for members, staff and families; and a Christmas program presented by the non–denominational religion classes with a party following.

Dates and/or results for our most recent events are as follows:
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  • 2020 Rose Sale
  • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our 2020 Rose Sale had to be cancelled to comply with social distancing requirements and to ensure the safety of our members. Plans for a Rose Sale in the Spring of 2021 will be discussed at our October 2020 meeting. Please check back for updates.
  • 2019 Rose Sale Results
  • The Arc Stevens County’s 22nd annual Rose Sale was held Tuesday, April 9th! The roses arrived on Monday afternoon to the DAC Carwash garage, which is a perfect location — controlled heat, plenty of space, clean, and with limited sunlight. We had time to deliver the Floral Shop orders in the afternoon. Then we had the roses available for pickup by 9:00 a.m. the next morning. We are grateful to volunteers who helped deliver the roses very quickly.

They include:

  • We thank all of them for the speedy, efficient delivery of 600 dozen roses.
  • In addition, Nicole Wenz, a D.A.C. staff member, Cindy Solvie, Prairie Community Services, and several D.A.C. clients coordinated the sales staff at Willie’s SuperValu. We are especially grateful to Willie’s SuperValu for providing space and a table for the in-store part of the Rose Sale and to Mark Raths for setting it up.
  • A total of 600 dozen roses were ordered this year and sold by 3:00 p.m.
  • Net Profit: $6,500.
  • Thank you to everyone who assisted with the Rose Sale and a huge thank you to Mark and Michelle Raths who did such a super job of coordinating the sale and to Kelly Schmidgall and the Horton 4-H Club for delivering the pre-sale envelopes.
  • Proceeds from the rose sale go toward RFC memberships and/or summer camperships up to $200 per client. In 2018, $7,793.00 was paid out for 39 clients in the form of RFC memberships, trips and camperships.

  • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Arc Stevens County had to get creative with events in order to ensure the safety of our clients. So, this year in compliance with social distancing and our governor’s order to "shelter in place", we had a virtual picnic!
  • The event took place on the previously scheduled day, which was Monday, May 4th. Willies SuperValu made sack lunches and each house had their own picnic! We have posted on the homepage the photos submitted by residential staff.
  • We found this to be a creative solution to the difficult times we are experiencing. Clients have really missed their social opportunities and were thrilled to have an event, even if only with house staff. Although only 3 houses submitted photos, you can also check out photos from previous years in our picnic gallery.
  • Noon Luncheon/Bake Sale –
  • The Arc Stevens County’s annual Fall Noon Luncheon/Bake Sale scheduled for October 21, 2020 will not be held due to COVID‑19 concerns. We hope to be able to continue the Fall Luncheon/Bake Sale in 2021 on Wednesday, October 20th at the American Legion in Morris. Check back here for future updates.
  • 2019 Noon Luncheon/Bake Sale Results
  • Arc Stevens County’s annual Fall Noon Luncheon/Bake Sale for 2019 was held on October 16, 2019 at the American Legion in Morris. Arc Stevens County thanks everyone who contributed monetarily, brought food or other items for the bake sale and/or luncheon, or provided assistance in any way.

Total results were:


Meals and Donations
Bake Sale and Donations 4,219.35
Total $5,338.15


Groceries (Willie's)
Stevens County Times 70.70
Chokio Review 26.40
American Legion Rental 75.00
Total $328.07
  • Net Profit: $5,010.18
  • A great big thank you to the women of the Apostolic Christian and Faith Churches for coordinating the Bake Sale, and to Verna Zeiher for coordinating the Noon Luncheon.
  • Thank you, too, to all of the volunteers who worked so hard pricing and placing donations, setting up and taking down the dining room, and helping in the kitchen. This is truly a community effort.
  • The proceeds from this event go directly to people with developmental disabilities living in Stevens County in the form of Regional Fitness Center (RFC) memberships and/or summer camperships/trips. Your contributions are greatly appreciated.
  • Christmas Program
  • The Arc Stevens County Christmas Program for 2020 has been canceled in light of the pandemic. Hopefully, the vaccine will be available and we can resume this activity in 2021. Please check back here for updates on this and other events.
  • The Arc Stevens County Christmas Program for 2019 was held on Sunday, December 8th at 1:30 at the First Lutheran Church in Morris. The weekly, non-denominational religion class will presented the program featuring the Christmas Pageant and familiar carols. Community members, parents, staff and friends attended and everyone had fun. Lunch was served by the Swan Lake 4-H club following the program.
  • This event is open to the public.